Saskatoon gas station employee attacked in alleged racist assault

WATCH ABOVE: Saskatoon gas station manager feeling on edge after being assaulted.

The manager of a Saskatoon gas station is a little on edge after being assaulted in what he calls a racist attack over the weekend.

Hedayed Ullah was preparing for a typical, slow Sunday morning shift with a new employee at the Shell gas station on Warman Road at Assiniboine Drive.

It was anything but slow after he was involved in an altercation with a customer once his car was filled up.

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Ullah said the customer was telling him to go back to his country and that he didn’t have the right to live or work in Canada.

He then punched Ullah in the chest before Ullah went inside the convenience store.

Ullah said the man followed him inside of the shop where he kicked down a chocolate bar stand and pushed over both tills and made a mess in the store all while telling him to go back to his country.

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The store’s security cameras captured the incident.

It shows a man attempting to hit Ullah and the new employee, who is a part-time international student who was on his first day at the job.

Ullah has been living in Canada for seven years and is still shaken by what happened.

“I’m not feeling secured yet. I’m just worried if he will come again and will attack again,” he said. “Sunday was so sad. When I went home. My son, he’s just three years old … When he saw my situation, he also started crying.”

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Saskatoon police were called to the gas station on Sept. 22 and arrested a 45-year-old man shortly after.

He has been charged with assault and mischief.