‘Big Brother’ double eviction sends 2 houseguests to jury

Houseguests of 'Big Brother' 21.
Houseguests of 'Big Brother' 21. Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Thursday’s eviction episode of Big Brother.

A double eviction was announced on Thursday’s episode of Big Brother and the houseguests were shocked.

Jessica Milagros and Cliff Hogg III were nominated for eviction by Jackson Michie, who was Head of Household (HOH).

Milagros was evicted from the house and became the fifth member of the jury.

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Following Milagros’ eviction, the houseguests competed for HOH again and Nicole Anthony won the title.

Anthony decided to nominate Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco for eviction.

After Hogg III won the veto competition, he kept nominations the same, which sent Murphy home at the end of the evening.

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Global News spoke with Milagros and Murphy about their evictions from the house.

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Global News: How does it feel to be out of the Big Brother house?
Jessica Milagros: Oddly, weird and amazing all at the same time. Surreal and I’m still adjusting.
Christie Murphy: It feels equal parts freeing and like I was dropped out of the sky without a parachute. I’m devastated because I’m an overachiever and taking sixth place is not what I envisioned for my gameplay. But now I’m happy to have a few weeks to decompress and not have to game so hard.

What happened? Why did you get evicted?
JM: I got evicted because Christie was taken off the block and second, because my relationship with each individual person in the house was more of a threat for “final 2s.” If I would have stayed, I could have been a strong third to somebody’s two.
CM: I had an opportunity to win the double eviction HOH and I choked under pressure. I also choked at the veto and I think I was evicted because I had already survived the block four times and if I survived a fifth, I probably could have won the game and I don’t think anyone was willing to take that chance.

Who’s running the house right now, and how are they doing it?
JM: Michie for sure. I feel that a lot of people are scared of him and with him and Holly [Allen] together, there is a fear that if someone put him up, he’ll take himself right off since he’s a comp beast.
CM: I think Michie is running the house because he can. He is really powerful in his presence and he is even more powerful in his competition skills. I also think him being in solid showmance means he always has a number. And he’s covered his ground. He’s in a powerful position.
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Who’s the hardest person to live with and why?
JM: This is an incriminating one! For me, it was earlier on and it was Bella [Wang], mainly because she was a loose cannon and reckless. She was young and she was just trying to get everybody in trouble with whatever lies she could make up. That was hard for me to see, personally. If we talk about now, I would probably say Holly just because it hurts me to see her get lost in Michie’s game. No one really knows where her head is at as a game player. They just see her as Michie’s player, which is sad since she’s such a strong person.
CM: Michie is the hardest person for a few reasons. He cooks for himself six times a day and does not wash a single dish. And he spills things everywhere and I think it’s on purpose. But even those things are part of his gameplay. He likes to make people uncomfortable and push people’s buttons and it worked because he pushed every one of mine.

Any regrets about your gameplay?
JM: No. I feel like I played pretty true to the person that I am and just wanted to compete in comps and play as honest of a game as I could.
CM: Yes. Biggest regret is wearing my heart on my sleeve and vocalizing all my opinions, especially my personal ones. Personal opinions can hurt people and I never want to hurt anyone.

Personal feelings aside, who do you think is going to take it all?
JM: Michie for sure. He’s such a comp beast.
CM: I genuinely think that Michie, Holly and Nicole in the final three. They have a good personal relationship and Michie is smart and taking people like Holly and Nicole to the end would secure him jury vote.

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]
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