2019 Canada election results: Steveston-Richmond East

Conservative Kenny Chiu has won Steveston-Richmond East in an upset over Liberal incumbent Joe Peschisolido.

Chiu earned 41.9 of the vote, while Peschisolido finished with 35 per cent.

It’s the latest in a roller coaster political career for Peschisolido, who first arrived on the political scene in 1993 as a Reform Party candidate in Ontario.

After suffering a significant defeat he kept at it and eventually, after a move out west, won as an Alliance MP in Richmond in 2000. But after a controversial switch to the Liberals and a departure from politics, Peschisolido lost in the 2011 election. The roller coaster took another turn and the then-52-year-old was sent back to Ottawa as the MP for Steveston-Richmond East.

He has since been under fire over allegations surfaced by a Global News investigation that he facilitated a secretive financial transaction that might have helped an alleged Chinese cartel “drug boss” launder his unexplained wealth through a Metro Vancouver condo development.

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Four years ago Peschisolido received 19,486 votes (45.1 per cent), beating Chiu who received 16,630 votes (38.5 per cent). This year, Chiu was able to win his revenge.

Jaeden Dela Torre came in third place for the NDP, while Green candidate Nicole Iaci finished fourth.


Liberal: Joe Peschisolido
Conservative: Kenny Chiu
NDP: Jaeden Dela Torre
Green: Nicole Iaci


The riding covers Steveston and the eastern part of Richmond.


Chinese: 46,700, 47 per cent
European: 26,510, 26.7 per cent
South Asian: 10,175, 10.3 per cent
Filipino: 7,655, 7.7 per cent

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