Gun sports are a multi-billion dollar Canadian industry: Report

Jeff Martin/Global News

A new report commissioned by the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA) found that in 2018 alone, Canadians spent eight and a half billion dollars on gun sports, such as hunting and target shooting.

“We thought it was really important as we head into the election to make sure both politicians and Canadians understood the economic impact of the industry as the candidates and the parties consider their gun policies and gun legislation,” Alison de Groot, with the CSAAA said.”

The report also found that in British Columbia, hunting and sport shooting accounted for more than 6,100 full-time equivalent jobs.

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“Our businesses are generally are in smaller cities non-urban and rural communities where we think the jobs matter,” de Groot said.

The CSAAA is hoping to move the conversation beyond the pro/anti-gun debate, and bring the economic impact of the industry into the discussion.


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