Dundas Place construction on schedule to wrap up by end of fall

Phase 2 of Dundas Place as of late August 2019.
Phase 2 of Dundas Place as of late August 2019. @DundasPlace/Twitter

Phase 2 of Dundas Place is moving along on schedule, according to the city’s manager of downtown projects.

Jim Yanchula says underground work is already complete between Richmond and Clarence.

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“Between Clarence and Wellington, though, we’re still underground in some places,” said Yanchula.

“We’ve got to make sure we’ve got the holes for the trees to be put in and connecting the water, that sort of stuff. So everything’s kind of going along in sequence, marching down from west to east.”

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Yanchula was unable to give an exact timeline, as the weather could impact work. But, he added, Londoners can look forward to a completed Dundas Place within the next few months.

“When will it be done? It will be done in later fall this year,” he said.

“We’ll be rolling out sidewalks sooner than the complete opening but by the end of fall this year you’ll see it open.”

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In the interim, a PDF of the street closure schedule, as well as a timeline of events, can be found on the Dundas Place website.

The two-year, $16-million Dundas Place project aimed to update infrastructure dating back roughly 150 years while also transforming a large swath of Dundas into the city’s first flex street that can be shared by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and easily shut down to vehicles for pedestrian-only use during special events.