Wooden Donald Trump statue built in Melania’s home country of Slovenia

Click to play video: 'Wooden statue of Trump built in wife Melania Trump’s home country of Slovenia' Wooden statue of Trump built in wife Melania Trump’s home country of Slovenia
Wooden statue of Trump built in wife Melania Trump's home country of Slovenia – Aug 29, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump joined First Lady Melania Trump recently in her home country of Slovenia — as a wooden statue, that is.

Standing at nearly eight metres tall, a new wooden fixture resembling the president has popped in the village of Sela pri Kamniku, around 32 kilometres northeast of the country’s capital of Ljubljana.

Wearing a classic outfit he’s been seen in many times — a blue suit and red tie — Trump is depicted with his fist raised in the air and a menacing look on his face.

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While the Slovenia artist chose to remain anonymous, according to the Washington Post, he said it was meant to show the politician in the style of Superman, or the Statue of Liberty.

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In an interview with Kanal A, the Independent reports, the artist said his creation is “a provocation, because the world is full of populism.”

Melania was the first of the Trumps to be blessed with her own statue.

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Back in July, local artist Ales “Maxi” Zupevc fashioned a life-size statue of her out of a tree near her hometown of Sevnica. The piece was commissioned by American artist Brad Downey.

Not everyone was too pleased with the new, albeit quiet, resident of their hometown.

One person told ITV that it “doesn’t look anything” like her. “It’s a Smurfette,” the critic said. “It’s a disgrace.”

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Slovenian artist Ales “Maxi” Zupevc created the wooden Melania Trump statue, which lives near her hometown of Sevnica. Miro Majcen/CP

While Downey gave Zupevc complete creative freedom when it came to the wooden Melania, the one thing he had to get right was the blue colour of the dress she wore to Trump’s inauguration in 2016.

In response to criticism over how she’s depicted, Downey told Agence France-Presse: “I can understand why people might think that this falls short as a description of her physical appearance,” adding that the end result is “absolutely beautiful.”

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There’s been a bit of humorous chatter on Twitter regarding the Trump statue.

“Now that’s a lovely bonfire,” one person tweeted. Another joked that Slovenia appeared to be hosting Burning Man this year, an annual event known for its over-the-top wooden structures that get ceremoniously burned at the end of the festival.

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