Short-lived gas leak forces evacuation of 25 Londoners

London firefighters deal with a gas leak on Hill Street, west of Wellington Street. Andrew Graham / 980 CFPL

A short-lived gas leak forced dozens of Londoners out of their homes and into the late summertime rain on Tuesday morning.

Fire crews were called to a reported gas leak on Hill Street west of Wellington Street at around 9:40 a.m.

Platoon Chief Shawn Fitzgerald says Enbridge Gas was able to cut off the leak about a half hour later, adding that residents were allowed back into their homes around noon.

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Fitzgerald added that a London Transit bus was provided for the 25 evacuees to shelter them from the rain.

“We do need to protect people from the elements… there are some people that have entered some businesses that are just sheltering inside some local businesses as well,” Fitzgerald said.

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London firefighters added that the cause of the gas leak remains under investigation.

The slight scare for Londoners south of downtown comes nearly two weeks after a gas leak on Woodman Avenue led to an explosion in Old East Village.

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