2019 Canada election results: Kanata-Carleton

Global News has declared incumbent Karen McCrimmon of the Liberal Party as the winner in the riding of Kanata-Carleton.


Liberals: Karen McCrimmon (Incumbent)
Conservatives: Justina McCaffrey
NDP: Melissa Coenraad
Green: Jennifer Purdy
PPC: Scott Miller

The riding is situated in the west end of the city of Ottawa and boundaries extend to the Ottawa River in the north and to Golden Line Road in the South. The west end of the riding is near Arnprior where the Ottawa River turns southward and the east side ends at Highway 7 where it abuts the riding of Carleton.

The riding has only existed for a short time and was created after the split of Carleton-Mississippi Mills and Nepean-Carleton ridings as part of the Fair Representation Act, 2011. 

The incumbent Karen McCrimmon is the first MP to represent the current iteration of the riding.


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