Ride the Vibe stunt crew amazes during stop in Saskatoon

WATCH ABOVE: The Ride the Vibe crew made their 1st stop in Saskatoon.

The Saskatoon Exhibition wrapped up last weekend with something a little different for spectators — a motorcycle stunt group called Ride the Vibe.

The act features an Australian named Sam King, as the lead performer. The rest of the team is from Canada, except for “Tiki” the team dog, who is also from Melbourne, Australia.

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This Aussie is combining his talents as a motorcycle-trials-champion, his dream to make a living performing, and some Canadian heritage to travel across the country.

“I’m from Melbourne, Australia, but I’m very privileged that my mom is from Oshawa, Ont., originally. Then all of my mom’s side of the family relocated from Ontario to Golden, B.C.. So, when I first came to Canada that’s where I went. I feel in love with the mountains. I got a free ride on a bike, so, I thought you know what, let’s make the move and I brought my dog over and I haven’t looked back since,” King said.

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“I can see us progressing into all sorts of different areas. From stunt riding and movies to performing in theme parks and longer-term contracts like we had in China. For two years we had a contract over there, working for other companies. I can see use doing as many of these fairs as possible,” King added.

King, who calls Golden, B.C. his Canadian home, recently promoted his girlfriend Meaghan Trotter to take on the emcee duties, and a fella called “The Birdman” joined him after catching his act online.

“We are travelling across Canada. I’m so stoked in this school bus with all of the stuff. Just seeing a whole different part of the world that I will never probably get to see ever again. I want to take as many opportunities as I can in life because we on have one shot at it. There is only one life you get,” Trotter said.

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“I’m 32 years old and I’m still riding my bike for a living which is amazing. I’m very blessed to be doing this. I can’t thank everyone that’s ever supported me. It’s just amazing. I’m very fortunate,” he said.

The Ride the Vibe crew, including Tiki, will be in Cochrane this weekend then they will travel back through Saskatchewan to perform at fairs in Quebec and Ontario.

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