With legal marijuana, Winnipeg’s Folk Fest sees ‘no enforcement issues at all’

WATCH: "It's the same as it's always been," one festival attendee told Global News. "Folk fest is folk fest." Marek Tkach reports.

Over 70,000 people are flocking to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park this weekend, to take in Winnipeg’s 46th annual Folk Festival.

This year could look — and smell — a little different, as it marks the first festival occurring after the legalization of marijuana.

Some festival-goers told Global News legalization hasn’t changed anything.

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“It’s the same as it’s always been,” said one. “Folk fest is folk fest.”

“It probably didn’t stop anyone from bringing it in when it was illegal, but yeah, it’s definitely in the air.” said another.

Festival organizers issued a warning earlier this month that smoking pot in a Manitoba provincial park comes with a $672 fine.

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“It’s all the same smells and feels as previous years. I’ve been here previous years, and yeah, no major changes this year,” said one Folk Fest attendee, who’s been coming to the event for five consecutive years.

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Folk Fest’s executive director, Lynne Skromeda, told Global News that despite her event’s hippie reputation, nothing has changed as far as pot for this year’s event. It’s still banned — just like it was previous years.

“It doesn’t have any impact on operations or anything like that and we have a very good relationship with the RCMP,” Skromeda said.

“They’re not seeing any problems or challenges so there’s been no enforcement issues at all.”

WATCH: Country music artist Mariel Buckley previews her 2019 Folk Fest set

Country music artist Mariel Buckley performs
Country music artist Mariel Buckley performs
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