Funnel cloud advisory in place for southwest Saskatchewan

There were reports of funnel clouds on Saturday afternoon as weak thunderstorms developed over portions of southern Saskatchewan.
A file photo of a funnel cloud. @GFstormchaser / Twitter

UPDATE: All advisories mentioned in this story have ended

Environment Canada has issued a weather advisory for the southwest corner of Saskatchewan, saying conditions are favourable for funnel cloud development.

Funnel clouds have been reported in thunderstorms in southeastern Alberta, and the system is moving eastward according to Environment Canada.

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According to the agency, the type of funnel clouds being generated are from “a weak rotation under rapidly growing clouds or weak thunderstorms.”

Environment Canada says this type of funnel cloud isn’t normally dangerous near the ground, but there is the potential for it to generate a “weak landspout tornado”.

Notable places under the advisory include Shaunavon, Maple Creek, and Cypress Hills Provincial Park.

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Environment Canada anticipates the funnel cloud risk ending Friday evening.