Pop-up LEGO-themed bar coming to Calgary this summer

Make sure you wear shoes - a Lego bar is coming to Calgary.

A pop-up Lego bar is coming to Calgary this summer.

According to The Brick Bar website, the establishment is the first of its kind and will consist of more than one-million blocks assembled into the “ultimate nostalgia trip.”

The bar will feature a DJ, Lego sculptures and an abundance of blocks for people to build with.

A Brick Bar has already popped up in Melbourne, Australia, and one will open in London, England, in April and another in May. The bar is also set to pop up in New York City and Los Angeles.

It’s not yet known where in Calgary the bar will be located.

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Tickets will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Anyone interested in attending can sign up for an email subscription at The Brick Bar’s website.

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