Nova Scotia Health Authority staff receive trespassing warning — days after arrest

Click to play video 'Trespassing memo issued to NSHA employees days after arrest' Trespassing memo issued to NSHA employees days after arrest
WATCH: A man linked to several trespassing incidents at the Victoria General hospital site is now being investigated by Halifax Regional Police for an indecent act. Alexa MacLean reports – Mar 29, 2019

Nearly a week after a man was arrested on hospital property after allegedly entering a patient’s room claiming to be a doctor, the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) issued a memo to staff warning them of “unwanted visitors.”

“From our perspective, given the arrest and the order that was placed against him, that dealt with that intrusion,” said John Gillis, a spokesperson with the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

“Once it seemed that the incident on Wednesday was connected to the same person, it was at that point we wanted to let staff know to look out for a specific person.”

This memo was issued by the Nova Scotia Health Authority days after a man was arrested for an alleged indecent act. Submitted

Sources have told Global News that a patient alerted a nursing desk at Victoria General after a man allegedly dressed in a surgical mask, lab coat and wearing a stethoscope, appeared in their room late at night, claiming to be their doctor.

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The information provided said the man was allegedly “fumbling” with his pants before the patient contacted the nursing desk.

This incident allegedly occurred shortly after midnight on March 23.

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Nearly a week after this reportedly happened, Halifax Regional Police say they are now investigating the 49-year-old man for an indecent act he allegedly committed while on hospital property.

“Once we became aware of the incident against the patient, police were involved,” Gillis said.

Halifax Regional Police confirmed they were called to the Victoria General site by hospital staff on March 23 shortly after midnight. According to police, a 49-year-old man was arrested for public intoxication and charged with theft and possession of stolen property.

WATCH: NSHA investigating ‘disturbing’ incidents at VG

Click to play video 'NSHA investigating ‘disturbing’ incidents at VG' NSHA investigating ‘disturbing’ incidents at VG
NSHA investigating ‘disturbing’ incidents at VG – Mar 28, 2019

Police released him that same day and he is due to appear in Halifax provincial court at a later date.

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According to the NSHA memo, a 48-year-old male was served a Protection of Property Act Notice [PPA], effective March 23.

The PPA means the man is barred from all QEII site facilities until September 23, 2019.

However, the man doesn’t appear to be abiding by the PPA.

“Our suspicion is that the person has appeared at least two more times since Saturday morning, including [Friday],” Gillis said.

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NSHA has confirmed that another trespassing incident occurred on Wednesday, March 27 at the Victoria General, involving the man who was arrested on March 23.

Police were called but weren’t able to make an arrest. They have confirmed a bag was found containing personal property including a small kitchen knife.

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“We did receive a report of an unwanted person there as well, who left behind some property. We were unable to locate the person at that time,” Const. MacLeod said.

NSHA says the safety of all personnel on hospital sites is paramount and that restricting access to the sites involves considering the rights of patients.

“Restricting access to the facilities must be done in balance with our family presence approach to care. It’s important that patients have the support they need, when they need it, from the people who are most important to them,” NSHA spokesperson Carla Adams wrote.

Security is on site 24 hours a day and makes regular rounds, according to the health authority.