March 25, 2019 1:22 pm

Adopt A Pal: Hopping into a new season with bunnies looking for new homes

Popcorns and Binkies cautions people to think twice about the idea of adopting bunnies around Easter.


Every Monday on Adopt a Pal, Global News Morning features rescues in Manitoba to help them find forever homes.

This week, Popcorns and Binkies Rescue Haven stopped by with some adorable bunnies.

Samson was found on Kijji and was being sold as a meat rabbit due to an eye infection. After some convincing of the owners, Samson was given to Popcorns and Binkies. He has since had his eye problem fixed-up. He is now looking for a loving family to join.

Sam enjoys some love while appearing on Global News Morning’s Adopt A Pal.

Global News

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Allan is two and was found just outside of Winnipeg after his owner moved away and left him behind. Allen was in a pen outside with no food or water. He is now doing well and would be great with a family looking to adopt a bunny for the first time.

Allan relaxes on Global News Morning while being featured on the weekly segment, Adopt A Pal.

Global News

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Adopting bunnies around Easter

While adopting a bunny may seem like a good plan around Easter, Popcorns and Binkies cautions everyone to really think twice about the idea.

“Within six months, kids can lose interest in the rabbit. When they’re doing this as an impulse present for Easter, they’re not researching proper care,” Popcorns and Binkies’ Cindy Hildebrand said.

“They have complex medical needs, they’re expensive and are more work than a lot of people realize,” Hildebrand added.

“They can poop up to 300 times per day,” she said.

Popcorns and Binkies doesn’t adopt rabbits around Easter to ensure they don’t end up back at the shelter months later.

Instead, they adopt out plush rabbits with a similar process to help raise funds to support the bunnies staying at the shelter.

More information about the rabbits and other animals at Popcorns and Binkies can be found here.

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