Potholes aplenty in Peterborough

It’s pothole season in Peterborough
One roads worker heads out every day in-search of potholes and other defects on city streets. Mark Giunta reports.

If you take a drive through Peterborough, it won’t take you long to find a pothole.

City officials say it’s normal for this time of year.

“The nature of Canada and Canada roads,” said John Czerniawski, public works supervisor. “They form in a variety of roads. It doesn’t matter the age, they just pop up.”

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One roads worker goes out every day and patrols city streets looking for potholes and other defects.

The roads are inspected based on traffic volume. The more traffic, the more the road is checked.

Lansdowne Street, one of the busiest streets in Peterborough, is checked every two days.

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All repairs are temporary at this time of year.

“Right now, we’re using a cold patch due to the temperature,” added Czerniawski. “The hot asphalt plants aren’t open yet. When they do, we will switch back to hot asphalt.”

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If a motorist drives over a pothole, it could cost them a lot of money to get their vehicle repaired.

“We’re seeing a whole bunch of cars coming in with bent rims by hitting potholes,” said Jordan Livingstone, an apprentice with Currie Tire. “We’re seeing a lot of tire damage, loose front-end parts and bent parts.”

You can report a pothole to the city by calling 705-745-1386.