Orphaned baby bear cub finds new home at Black Bear Rescue Manitoba

3-week-old black bear cub.
3-week-old black bear cub. Black Bear Rescue Manitoba

Black Bear Rescue Manitoba has taken in their first cub of 2019, something they say is abnormal for February.

In a post shared on social media, the non-profit organization said three-week-old cub had to be rescued after the den he shared with his mother was destroyed.

The cubs mother fled when the pile of brush and logs was dug up by the property owner — who didn’t know the bears were there — in Southeastern Manitoba.

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With the mother leaving the area, there’s no way to return the cub to her, said the organization. Volunteers are feeding the black bear every couple of hours at the Wildlife Centre.

The nameless cub will be cared for at the centre until he’s self sufficient — until then, staff will burp and allow him to suckle their fingers after eating.

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Staff at the centre say its unusual for a cub to be abandoned so early in the season, adding it typically happens when bears come out of hibernation.