Moosehead Breweries donates $25,000 to Mac the Moose fund

The City of Moose Jaw and Tourism Moose Jaw accept a $25,000 donation from Canada’s Moosehead Breweries to help make Mac The Moose, once again, the “World’s Tallest Moose”. Provided Photo / City of Moose Jaw

Mac the Moose is getting help in reclaiming the title of “World’s Tallest Moose.”

Tourism Moose Jaw and the city have accepted a $25,000 donation from Canada’s Moosehead Breweries for upgrades in their well-known fight with Norway.

Norway built a silver moose statue named “Storelgen” in between Oslo and Trondheim in 2015, and stands 30 centimetres taller than Mac the Moose.

“We are blown away by this remarkable donation from Moosehead Breweries,” said Fraser Tolmie, Moose Jaw Mayor.

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“We’ve said all along that Mac the Moose is not just a Moose Jaw icon, but a national icon.”

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Tolmie said Moosehead’s contribution proves they have an entire country behind their efforts.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to lend our support to Mac the Moose, helping him reclaim his rightful title of ‘World’s Largest Moose,’” said Trevor Grant, vice president of marketing and sales with Moosehead Breweries.

“As Canada’s oldest independent Canadian brewer, we understand what it can feel like to be challenged by ‘the big guys.’ But we’ve never changed who we are, what we stand for, or what we brew in response to any of these pressures. And we see that same fighting spirit in Mac.”

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As Mac’s caregivers, Tourism Moose Jaw said it couldn’t be more grateful.

“We love the fact that Moosehead will be a major supporter of the future work to our moose’s head,” said Jacki L’Heureux-Mason, Tourism Moose Jaw’s executive director.

“Tourism Moose Jaw will dedicate these funds to the upcoming renovation, and/or future rebuilding of our beloved Mac.”

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