‘Albertans are furious’ at state of province and Canada: Former Wildrose leader Brian Jean

WATCH ABOVE: Brian Jean posted a statement on Monday that Albertans are furious with the state of the province and country. It caused a firestorm of reaction on social media. Slav Kornik reports.

Former Wildrose leader and MLA Brian Jean had some harsh opinions about the state of Alberta in a Facebook post on Monday, and it created a strong response on social media.

In the statement, “An Agenda to move Alberta Forward,” Jean said “Alberta’s future looks bleak unless bold action is taken” and “Canada is broken.”

Jean also called Alberta’s financial situation a “mess” and said the NDP government isn’t doing its job in areas such as healthcare, education, social services, looking after seniors.

“Any prudent government would have its hands full trying to make thoughtful, measured, and necessary improvements to control spending and generate a return on our public investment for Albertans,” he wrote.

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Jean said “Albertans are furious” with the way the country is operating and claimed “Canada is broken” and not “working the way it was intended in 1867.” He referred to the struggle of getting approval for pipeline projects, such as the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, as a primary concern.

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“Our courts, motivated by virtue-signaling to vocal minorities and triggered by legal actions funded by foreign interests, routinely override the explicit wishes of our legislatures and the electorate by claiming powers to overrule the executive decision-making of our cabinet,” he said.

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“None of our political leaders understand the current anger of Albertans — Albertans want a ‘Mad as hell’ Party, that isn’t going to take it anymore.”

WATCH BELOW: Alberta lost thousands of jobs in December — Statistics Canada

Alberta lost thousands of jobs in December: Statistics Canada
Alberta lost thousands of jobs in December: Statistics Canada

Jean said Alberta should lead in getting Canada back on track but expressed concern no political party in Alberta “is prepared to take up this fight.”

Jean’s statement seemed to be the motivation behind the hashtag #NotAngryAB, which began trending in Edmonton and Calgary on Monday after blogger Mike Morrison used the hashtag in a tweet explaining the reasons he enjoyed living in Alberta.

Other Albertans began posting tweets with the hashtag, explaining why they enjoyed living in the province.

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Jean resigned as MLA of Fort McMurray-Athabasca in March of 2018 after losing in the United Conservative Leadership race to Jason Kenney.


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