Texas woman raps ‘Push It’ with family 10 minutes before she gave birth

Click to play video: 'Texas mother-to-be raps ‘Push It’ with family minutes before giving birth'
Texas mother-to-be raps ‘Push It’ with family minutes before giving birth
WATCH: A Texas mother-to-be rapped Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It" with her family on Dec. 13, as she waited to give birth and only a few minutes later did just that – Dec 28, 2018

A mother-to-be in Texas and her family broke into Salt-N-Pepa’s hit “Push It” in the delivery room earlier this month as she waited to do that very act.  Only a few minutes and two pushes later, her baby girl Alaya was born.

Jadie Phelps and her boyfriend Jordan Houston were in the delivery room and broke into the rap when asked by a nurse if there was a playlist of music which would help her relax as she waited to give birth.

Houston told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that instead of playing some music, they filled the room with their own as they were both performers.

“That’s how we met,” he explained. “We’ve done musical theatre productions and freelance entertainment gigs together, so it’s second nature for us to burst out into song and dance at any given moment.”

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In a video taken by another family member, people are introduced including the nurses and family before pointing the camera at Phelps’ stomach, saying “you are somewhere in here.”

To which Houston responds: “And you will be here soon enough, as soon as your momma pushes you real good.”

At this point Houston’s brother starts the music before humming the bass line, with the father-to-be providing a steady beat box as Phelps and her sister rap the song pretty close to perfection.

According to a post by Houston, Alaya arrived about 10 minutes after the performance.

When they finished the song, the couple told ABC-affiliate WFAA they were encouraged to do it again.

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“The nurses are like, ‘You have to do that for the doctors,'” they said. “We ended up performing it like three times.”

A few days after giving birth, the family then decided to post their video to Facebook to show the amusing moment before Alaya’s birth, but what they didn’t expect was how it would explode on social media.

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Since being posted Dec. 19, the video has been shared more than 136,000 times and received about 8.5 million views.

Through the video, the couple said Alaya has become the “Push It baby”, creating a lasting impression on the world and a Christmas moment for the family.


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