Kingston man rescued from fire in vacant Princess Street building

Kingston man rescued after a vacant building catches fire
The building at 557 Princess St. caught fire on Christmas Eve with one person trapped inside.

The old Gino’s Pizza building, which currently stands vacant, caught fire on Christmas Eve with one man trapped inside.

The man, trapped on the second floor of 557 Princess St., was quickly rescued by the Kingston Fire Department, which responded to the scene.

It took around four hours and 21 firefighters to extinguish the blaze.

Kingston’s fire department told Global News a device that looked like a giant wok was believed to have caused the fire and was possibly being used as a heating device.

The area surrounding the device was covered in exposed wood, which only fed the fire, eventually stripping the plumbing and wiring on the floor.

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The three-storey building, which once housed Gino’s Pizza, has been sitting vacant for years. The fire department says that homeless individuals are often found inside the structure, but they couldn’t confirm to Global News if the individual trapped in the blaze was a homeless person.

After being rescued, the man was taken to Kingston General Hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation but suffered no other injuries.

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There have been other fires at 557 Princess St, in the past, but Kingston police told Global News there is no evidence of criminal intent in this case and no further investigation will take place.