Forecasters unsure whether London region will have white Christmas

We know Santa Claus will be bringing lots of goodies to London on Tuesday, but forecaster say it’s still not clear whether Mother Nature will deliver a white Christmas to the region this year.

With the temperature falling Friday, Environment Canada meteorologist Marie-eve Giguere said that the first of two snowfalls before Christmas Day is expected.

“We have a chance for a white Christmas, two chances actually,” she said. “I’m not positive it will happen, but there will be a few flakes. So there will be some lucky folks with a white Christmas. Tonight, as the temperature drops below zero, there will be a few flurries off Lake Huron.”

Another snow system is on the way this weekend, with the temperatures expected to stay below the freezing mark leading up to Christmas.

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“We’re expecting some wet flurries on Sunday, a centimetre or two, and then with temperature highs around zero for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it’s unlikely that snow will stick around on any roadways. It may linger on the grass, but in terms of that perfect white Christmas with the carols and the bells ringing, unfortunately that won’t be the case for 2018,” said Global News weather specialist Mike Arsenault.

The good news is that with no major storm systems expected between now and Boxing Day, anyone planning to travel over the holidays shouldn’t encounter any troublesome conditions on the roads.

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While out doing his Christmas shopping in London on Friday, Bob Lewhousen wasn’t worried whether we’ll see snow.

“I’m from the far north, up around Kenora, and I’ve be up on the Hudson and James Bay, so green or white, it doesn’t matter,” Lewhousen said. “When it’s 30 feet deep, yeah, you’ve had enough.”

But Ethan Bruggeman admitted he will be disappointed if we don’t get a white Christmas.

“I care about snow on Christmas and I would like to see it happen,” he said. “It just associates with Christmas to me.”

The winter solstice officially arrives at 5:23 p.m., Friday afternoon.


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