London region expecting 2 bouts of snow, winter weather this week

Winter weather is coming to the London region not once but twice this week.
Winter weather is coming to the London region not once but twice this week. Kelly Hayes/Global News

London will be getting an early taste of winter this week, beginning Monday night and continuing into Tuesday as flurries bring a few centimetres of snow to the region.

After a brief break mid-week, Londoners can expect more of the white stuff moving into the weekend.

The region will see a glancing blow from a weather system currently moving up the east coast, as rain mixed with snow will appear overnight on Monday, transitioning to flurries that are set to leave upwards of 2 cm on the ground by Tuesday afternoon.

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“I do hope that the salt trucks will be out because there will be some areas that will become quite slick on Tuesday as those winds pick up, and we are expecting 50 km/h gusts behind the storm,” said Global News chief meteorologist Anthony Farnell.

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The coldest air of the season is on its way, too, with the wind chill set to dip down between -10 and -15 degrees by Wednesday.

Farnell is also expecting another snow system to arrive Friday morning.

“I’m actually a bit more concerned about the one on Friday. The timing coincides with the Friday morning commute, and I think there will be just a bit more cold air around,” he said. “It’s still early, but my early guess would be anywhere from maybe three to six centimetres on Friday.”

Farnell notes that these wintry weather systems are arriving earlier than in previous years so he recommends getting your vehicle equipped with snow tires sooner rather than later.