Canadian Blood Services needs the gift of blood this holiday season

Canadian Blood Services is in need of 30,000 donors across Canada this holiday season. Aaron Streck/Global News

With the holiday season pretty much here, Canadian Blood Services is reminding you to give the gift of blood.

The Christmas season is usually a challenging time for blood donations — because people are typically busier.

The Oshawa clinic is looking for 600 donations while the entire Durham Region needs 900 by Jan. 6.

Across Canada, that need rises to 30,000 to ensure blood is available to help patients during the holidays.

WATCH: Canadian Blood Services in desperate need of donors across Canada

“What we tend to forget is that one accident victim alone may need up to 50 donors, one leukemia patient up to eight donors each and every week. So, it’s really important that we get that 600, and that 900 here, and 30,000 across the country before Jan. 6,” said Jennifer Mathieu of Canadian Blood Services.

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The Canadian Blood Services Oshawa clinic is open during the holidays, including Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

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