Royal Military College cadet charged with sexual assault

The cadets reportedly self-isolated in their rooms the night of Feb. 23, and visited the college's medical unit early Feb. 24. Global Kingston

An officer-cadet at the Royal Military College has been charged with sexual assault.

On Dec. 12, The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service charged Tyler Johnston, a cadet at the college, with sexual assault of another cadet.

Johnston’s age was not released but a spokesperson for the college said he began his training at the college in June 2017.

The charge is related to an incident that happened in April 2018 at Royal Military College in Kingston.

According to Blake Patterson, who works in public relations for the college, the incident was reported by the complainant in April. Military police were alerted and began their investigation immediately.

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Patterson said both students are still currently enrolled at the college, and that Johnston was released from custody with conditions, including abstaining from communicating with the complainant and remaining under military authority.

Patterson also said that at the request of the complainant, the college took steps to make sure that they would not have to interact with Johnston during their daily activities at the college.

Johnston is facing a single count of sexual assault, and will be answering to his charge in a civilian court in Kingston in late January 2019.

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