Police hand out ‘positive tickets’ to reward Good Samaritans

TORONTO – Police in 42 Division have started using a new tactic in law enforcement by giving away ‘positive tickets’ to people who perform good deeds in the neighbourhood.

“The community should see this as an opportunity to do little small things that can make a bigger difference down the road that might one day prevent a future Danzig from happening,” said deputy police chief Peter Sloly.

42 Division has seen its share of tragedy when last summer’s Danzig Street shooting claimed two lives and injured dozens others.

While police admit the positive tickets won’t eliminate guns, gangs or drugs, they believe the campaign will make a difference.

“Even if it’s not that big it just gets us into a better working relationship where we can actually make the city more livable and more safe,” said Sloly.

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Toronto resident Keishawonna Mayenge received one of the tickets after calling for help when she saw a man unconscious in his car.

“I tried knocking on window, not answering I knocked really hard,” said Mayenge. “I kind of panicked, that’s when I called police.”

The positive tickets come with coupons for free products from sponsors.

“I was like, ‘what is a positive ticket?’” Mayenge said. “When I hear police I always think people get tickets for negative things.”

Police hope the positive ticketing will help build stronger communities.

“It will make relationship with not only the kids, but the community with the police officers stronger and they’ll trust the police,” Mayenge said.

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