RCMP surprised by how much poster-board cutout of Coquitlam Mountie has helped reduce speeding

WATCH: The Coquitlam RCMP have been using a life-sized metal cutout in an effort to prevent drivers from speeding.

Coquitlam RCMP say Const. Scarecrow will be back on the streets helping Mounties crack down on speeding drivers.

Const. Scarecrow, if you haven’t heard, is a cutout of a police officer holding a radar gun that was placed on Pinetree Way near Burlington Drive in September in an effort to encourage drivers to slow down.

READ MORE: That Coquitlam RCMP officer you see holding a radar gun may be a poster-board cutout

According to RCMP, the number of speeders at the intersection fell by half in the span of two weeks.

Before Const. Scarecrow was installed, 5.2 per cent of drivers travelled more than 10 km/h over the speed limit.

Two weeks later, 2.6 per cent of drivers went more than 10 km/h over the limit.

Perhaps the biggest surprise so far is that even after two weeks in one spot, people were still slowing down in the presence of Cont. Scarecrow, said Coquitlam RCMP Cpl. Michael McLaughlin.

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RCMP say they will extend the project for another year.

No word yet on whether Const. Scarecrow will receive a promotion.

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