Add your cellphone package to your Black Friday shopping list: expert negotiator

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Some experts are saying that the period around Black Friday may be the best time of year to save not only on a new cellphone, but also on cellphone bills.

Among them is Mohammed Halabi, who is with the website, The site offers advice to people and businesses who want to reduce their cellphone, landline, internet and cable bills.

“Definitely take advantage of this time. Go after a good deal and lock it in for two years,” Halabi said.

He’s urging shoppers to skip the mall madness and simply pick up the phone.

“Calling it in would be the best approach because at store level they can’t really do anything above and beyond the status quo of what they have available for them.”

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Halabi adds that you should let your carrier know that you are shopping around for a better deal.

Halabi says companies will go to great lengths to keep your business.

“Approach your provider and say what are you willing to do to keep me as a client for the next two years.”

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