Calgary woman says she was hit by truck for defending the right to say no

Click to play video: 'Calgary woman says she was hit by car for defending the right to say no' Calgary woman says she was hit by car for defending the right to say no
WATCH: Calgary police are investigating after a trio of women came forward with allegations of a disturbing hit and run. It happened at a nightclub after one of the women denied advances towards her by a man she didn't know. Jill Croteau reports – Nov 13, 2018

Calgary police are investigating after three women came forward with allegations of a disturbing hit and run.

The young women said they were at the Cowboys Casino nightclub Thursday night. Breanna Higgins, 19, said she rejected a man’s advances and things turned aggressive.

“I didn’t realize what my words were going to do,” Higgins recalled. “I didn’t want to associate with him and that affected my friends in ways I can’t apologize for enough.”

Higgins and her other two friends believe the stranger’s bruised ego triggered him to react with violence.

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Shauni-Rae Currie said the man spat at her when the three of them were inside the bar.

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The argument then spilled out into the underground parkade.

The man got behind the wheel of his truck and the situation got even more dangerous. They say the man tried to back his truck into Higgins, but she managed to get out of the way.

“He saw me in the rear-view mirror and jetted back as fast as he could–I jumped out at the last second,” Higgins said. “I was shocked but he was so angry he didn’t hit me, and he jetted forward.”

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Emily Law said she was standing about 10 feet (3 metres) in front of the truck and couldn’t believe he was accelerating towards her.

“He gunned it forward towards me and swerved his car into my face,” Law said.

“The mirror hit my face and hit my body and bent my finger all the way backwards.”

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Her friends said they watched as the mirror shattered into Law’s face. She is expected to have a permanent scar above her lip.

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“What if I died that night? That would have been a whole game-changer for everyone,” Law said.

“I lost a lot of trust,” Currie said. “I should be able to go out with my friends and not have them get hit by trucks.”

“We should be able to feel safe and stick up for ourselves and [not] get punished for it because we are entitled to that,” Higgins said.

Calgary police investigators have a description of the suspect and the plate number of the vehicle, which they are not releasing publicly at this time.

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Police also have surveillance video captured in the parkade and are searching for the offender.

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