New Brunswick’s first ‘cat cafe’ partnering with SPCA to help felines find forever homes

WATCH: A new cafe has opened in Fredericton's north side. But it's not your typical coffee shop. You could say it's a rather cat-tastic spot. Morganne Campbell has all the furry details.

There was no better place to spend a “Caterday” than at Fredericton’s newest cat cafe, fittingly called the “Purrfect Cup – Cat Cafe.”

“There’s one that opened in Newfoundland two weeks before me so I can’t claim to be the first in Atlantic, but first in the Maritimes,” says Korey Jennings, co-owner of the cafe.

Jennings and his girlfriend are the forces behind the new coffee shop. It’s equipped with a full espresso bar and all of the fixings that go along with it.

But it’s what’s in the back of the building that has people lined up right outside of the door and into the rain. It’s a cat room that really resembles a living room.

“We love cats and we like coffee, this is the puurfect combination, just puurfect,” laughs customer Colleen Moriarty.

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Ten felines, some frisky and others not, call the cafe home. Every single feline is up for adoption by the Fredericton SPCA.

Several children at the cat cave were already calling dibs.

“I would probably ask for the orange one. I don’t know, maybe Orangey?”says six-year-old Lyrik Wiles.

The relaxed setting is ideal if you and a furry friend form a bond.

“It provides that opportunity in a more relaxed setting for them to really process all this out,” says Annette James, the director of operations with the Fredericton SPCA.

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When one kitty leaves, another will come in from the shelter. The SPCA hopes it helps the pets find their forever homes.