#YYC5 tracks down the best pumpkin pie spots in Calgary

Calgary’s size comes with many pros and cons.

Pro: It’s a city full of great spaces, local restaurants and countless things to do.

Con: Roaming a city this size to find aforementioned great spaces, local restaurants and things to do would be nearly impossible.

Pro: Global News has enlisted its viewers to help highlight some the favourite spots around town in a new series called #YYC5

In the first of these segments — set to air on weekends — viewers were asked to share their favourite places to grab a slice of pumpkin pie. After all, fall is the prime season to enjoy all things pumpkin, including the tasty pastry that kicked off the whole seasonal craze.

Sunterra Market is a go-to for many Calgarians but it’s not only the pumpkin pie that keeps them coming in. With multiple locations across the city, Sunterra also serves up a variety of hand-made pastries.

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Click to play video: '#YYC5 Pumpkin Pie'
#YYC5 Pumpkin Pie

Pies Plus has been kicking it old school for over two decades, using a centuries-old pastry mixer to help create its yummy pies, which get baked in a 70-year-old double pizza oven. Pies Plus’ multiple selections include, of course, fall’s favourite dessert.

Famous for its cheese buns, Glamorgan Bakery is another great choice when that pumpkin pie craving hits.

Still needing a fix? Try hitting up Pie Junkie at either one of its two Calgary locations.

“When you walk in here, it just smells like heaven,” said owner Nancy Goemans, who first opened Pie Junkie at the request of her daughter.

“It started with the passing of my mom and my oldest daughter, who has special needs, wanting to know who was going to make pies with her,” Goemans said. She added her daughter didn’t just want to make them; she wanted to sell them.

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Ready for a change and the chance to reinvent herself, Goemans ran with the idea. It helped that her parents had taught her the art of pie making. Dad had the savory recipes while mom had the sweet stuff covered.

Simple, all-natural ingredients are what make Goemans’ pies so dreamy, especially her pumpkin pies.

“It’s easy – it’s egg, it’s condensed milk, it’s the pumpkin spices and then egg and… bourbon. It’s easy.”

And of course:

“Pumpkin. Pumpkin. Real, 100 per cent pure pumpkin is the trick.”

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