Surrey RCMP sets up voter fraud tip line

Mounties are asking anyone who has been contacted as a part of an alleged scheme to cast fraudulent votes in Surrey to contact them at a new tip line. File/ Global News

The Surrey RCMP has set up a dedicated phone line for tips about possible election fraud.

The detachment says it is continuing to investigate allegations of wrongdoing related to the city’s mail-in absentee ballot registration process.

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Community group Wake Up Surrey alleged last week that a co-ordinated effort was underway to try and sway the election through the use of such ballots and by buying votes in the South Asian community.

Police are now appealing to any potential victims to contact them.

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Police are asking anyone who believes they may have been victimized or unduly coerced for votes or personal information for voting purposes to report it to the RCMP through a new dedicated phone line at 604-599-7848.

To date, the RCMP says no individuals have come forward to say they’ve been victimized, and police have only received third-party allegations of any wrongdoing.

Earlier this week, Surrey Chief Election Officer Anthony Capuccinello Iraci said no mail in ballots had been handed out yet, so the system has not been compromised.

However, he said the allegations were serious enough for officials to ask police to investigate.

Absentee ballots in Surrey will now only be available for pickup in person, and will require a signature and photo ID.

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