Cousteau family members to investigate Nova Scotia’s Shag Harbour UFO incident

FILE - Laurie Wickens, president of the Shag Harbour Incident Society, is seen in Shag Harbour, N.S. on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017. On the night of October 4, 1967, Wickens and four of his friends spotted a large object descending into the waters off the harbour. The object was never officially identified, and was therefore referred to as an unidentified flying object. Andrew Vaughan/ The Canadian Press

A nearly 51-year-old mystery will be getting a fresh set of eyes in August, and they’ll belong to one of the world’s most famous families in ocean exploration.

Celine Cousteau and Fabian Cousteau, grandchildren of Jacques Cousteau, are set to visit Shag Harbour, N.S., to investigate the infamous Shag Harbour UFO Incident next month.

The organization that promotes and celebrates the mystery made the announcement on their Facebook page.

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The Shag Harbour incident

It was around 11 p.m. on the night of Oct. 4, 1967, when the first accounts of an unusual, lit-up object crashing into the water off of Shag Harbour, N.S., first began filtering through the community.

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Among those who saw the string of flashing lights on that clear, moonless night were three RCMP officers, scores of fishermen and airline pilots flying along the province’s southwest coast.

But a series of searches turned up nothing. No wreckage. No bodies. No clues as to what really happened that night nearly 51 years ago.

A Halifax-area man later uncovered a trove of government and police records that would make the Shag Harbour incident Canada’s best-documented and most intriguing UFO sighting.

In a series of RCMP reports and correspondence sent by telex between military officials in Ottawa and Halifax, there are specific references to unidentified flying objects, and no attempts were made to explain away what people were reporting.

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Shag Harbour UFO Incident Festival

Visit to Shag Harbour

The Cousteaus will reportedly be special guests at this year’s Shag Harbour UFO Conference.

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Lauren Wickens, the president of the Shag Harbour UFO Incident Society says that its members are excited to have the family serve as guests.

The Cousteaus are visiting as they film a documentary series.

As part of their visit, their team will carry out an underwater search with David Cvet, a local diver who was one of main divers involved in a 1967 investigation of the incident.

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