Meath Park under ‘do not drink’ notice after break-in at water treatment plant

People in Meath Park, Sask., are under a "do not drink" notice after a break-in at the water treatment plant. Google Maps

UPDATE: Water advisory lifted for Meath Park, Sask.

A “do not drink” notice has been issued for all users of the Meath Park waterworks system after a break-in.

A “do not use” advisory was initially issued on Tuesday after it was found out the water treatment plant had been broken into. It was issued due to the drinking water possibly being contaminated with an unknown substance.

Village officials said via Facebook they could not guarantee that the water was safe for consumption, therefore the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency (WSA) ordered the notice.

Water reservoirs and the distribution system have been flushed and people can use the water for sanitary purposes, like bathing and laundry.

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The WSA and the village are advising all consumers to not use the tap water for drinking and cooking until further notice.

Bottled water or other sources of known good quality water should be used for all drinking, brushing teeth, washing dishes, making food and food preparation.

WSA is currently awaiting the results of the second set of samples.

When the results are reported and are within the acceptable guidelines, the “do not drink” advisory will be rescinded. WSA officials said this would either happen over the weekend or early next week.

Meath Park is approximately 175 kilometres north of Saskatoon.

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