B.C. girl campaigns to sing on stage with P!NK

Click to play video: 'Young Vancouver singer hopes to join P!nk on stage' Young Vancouver singer hopes to join P!nk on stage
12 year old singer Victoria Anthony is a huge P!nk fan and a great singer in her own right. She explains why she would like to join the pop star on stage at Rogers Arena May 12th – May 9, 2018

Victoria Anthony is a 12-year-old girl with a dream, to sing with P!NK on stage during her Vancouver concert Saturday.

The idea first came after her mom got them tickets to the concert, and as a joke, Anthony said it would be fun to sing with P!NK on stage.

Her mom then asked her “well, do you want to?”

Inspired by P!NK’s song What About Us, which she sang in her school’s talent show, Anthony started a video campaign to try to get the singer’s attention by answering a question in that very song: Are you ready?

“P!NK, I’m ready,” Anthony says in the video.

Anthony has also created a YouTube video and an Instagram post. Anthony’s mom said that with the power of social media these days she might as well try to make her wish come true.

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Her hashtag #VicAndPink has got some momentum going, and her YouTube video has been viewed more than two thousand times in the last two weeks.

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“Your music makes me feel strong, like I can do anything, like I can be anything, P!NK you inspire me” the video reads as we see Anthony playing the piano and singing What About Us.

Anthony taught herself how to play guitar and piano through the internet, but when asked if this is what she wants to do as career, she says, “I don’t know yet, cause I’m only 12, but I definitely want music to always be part of my life, for sure, no matter what.”


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