Police issue warning about fake $20 bills circulating in the Fraser Valley

Abbotsford police are requesting people to be careful of forged $20 bills flying around the Fraser Valley. Abbotsford Police

Abbotsford police are asking people to keep an eye out for fake $20 bills circulating in the Fraser Valley.

The Abbotsford Police Department (APD) released a statement on Thursday saying that businesses were being duped with counterfeit money.

“Fraudsters are creating fake bills by taping clear plastic “hologram” panels into computer-printed “bills,” and passing them to local businesses,” read the release.

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According to the Bank of Canada, in 2016, around 17,500 forged banknotes circulated through most provinces, over a quarter of that total travelled through B.C.

To spot a fake bill, officers suggest to “look closely” at the hologram to make sure the face matches with that on the banknote.

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Officers also recommend to “feel the bill,” as most counterfeit currency is rough rather than smooth. And lastly, check the edges to ensure they are “straight” and that the images on the bill are “crisp and well-defined.”

“The best defence against this type of fraud is vigilance at the time of the transaction,” said the release.

If businesses are given fraudulent currency, police suggest to “politely refuse” the bill, or ask the customer for a different one.

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If the bill was accidentally accepted, people should bring it to a bank or police department.

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Police say businesses are more likely to be targeted during busy hours or when less experienced staff are working.

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