Caught on camera: Pesky pelicans crash Pepperdine University graduation ceremony in California

Click to play video: 'Pair of pesky pelicans crash Pepperdine University graduation party in California' Pair of pesky pelicans crash Pepperdine University graduation party in California
The Pepperdine University graduation ceremony was interrupted on Saturday by a pair of pelicans. – Apr 30, 2018

Two pelicans stole the show at a graduation ceremony at Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif., on Saturday.

The entire spectacle of the surprise guests appearance was caught on camera by school videographer Grant Dillion.

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In the video, the pair of long-beaked birds soared over the ceremony before plunging into the audience.

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One particularly pesky pelican appeared to have landed on a guest’s lap and caused quite the stir in the crowd.

It then took a stroll on the red carpet as school officials shooed it away from where graduates were receiving their diplomas.

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One man was almost bitten on the arm as he tried to pick the pelican up, though he managed to turn away quickly, unharmed.

The bird proceeded to have what appeared to be a standoff with three security guards as they attempted to escort it away, but it refused to budge.

The university campus is situated in Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean and marine program director for Audubon California told NBC, the pelicans were likely young birds from the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California who recently fledged.
“To me, they look emaciated,” said Weinstein. “When you see these kind of erratic behaviours, especially with young birds, it almost always means they’re starving.

“The most likely thing is they fledged, were taught by their parents how to fish, but they’re just not succeeding.”

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Eventually, the young birds were ushered far enough for the ceremony to resume.

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