Local farm to host open house to educate public on farming industry

Click to play video: 'Local farm inviting public to learn about industry' Local farm inviting public to learn about industry
Officials at Harley Farms in Keene are inviting the public to experience farm life. On April 21 and 22, as well as 28 and 29, the owners will be holding an open house at the farm where the public can see, interact and learn about the animals – Apr 19, 2018

Owners of Harley Farms in Keene, Ont., are on a mission to educate the public about farming.

“It is good for kids and even adults to learn about the different animals and different species and how they should be outside, living and eating and walking around on four legs,” said owner Emily Harley, as she held a lamb in her arms.

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It is lambing season at the farm — 100 newborns are running around in barns and buildings. Now, the public is invited to see and learn about the animals.

“We’re lambing about 500 this year in April and May, and then we have another flock that lambs in the fall,” Harley said. “This guy is about three days old,” she said, referring to a young lamb. “He needs to be bottle-fed because his mom doesn’t have enough milk for him yet.”

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It is things like that, Harley said, she is excited to share with the public.

“Just experience the farm life — get out in nature and get to see how animals actually live,” said Harley.

The open house, or in this case, open barn, is being held April 21 and 22, as well as April 28 and 29.

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