Injured Turkish squirrel gets prosthetic set of wheels

Click to play video: 'Injured Turkish squirrel gets prosthetic set of wheels' Injured Turkish squirrel gets prosthetic set of wheels
The new pair of prosthetic paws are the first of its kind to be given to a squirrel, thanks to the the initiative of an animal loving computer engineer at Istanbul's Aydın University – Apr 3, 2018

A squirrel who was heavily injured in a wild animal trap and lost both his front paws has been given a new lease on life, along with a set of prosthetic wheels.

The squirrel, called Karamel, was caught in a wild animal trap in the southeastern Turkish city of Batman.

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“A young man rescued him from the trap in Batman and found (me) and my videos and posts as a result of his researches,” said vet and animal rights activist, Tayfun Demir.

Orthopedists at Istanbul’s Aydin University designed the prosthetic wheels for him to replace his paws.

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One of them, Mustafa Gultekin, said they waited for Karamel to adjust to the new device before passing on to the next phase.

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“He is a wild animal trying to live in a home. He has a foreign object attached to his body. His reaction to this object was important to us. We passed this phase. We are now at the phase of walking.”

Karamel has become the first squirrel to receive a pair of prosthetic limbs.

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