New York police face off with a charging, cookie-stealing squirrel

Click to play video: 'Squirrel charging at New York police caught on camera' Squirrel charging at New York police caught on camera
WATCH ABOVE: A squirrel reported to have stolen some cookies from a Brockport, N.Y. home charged down two police officers Friday when they attempted to capture the small animal. The incident was caught on one of the officer's body cameras – Dec 30, 2017

Two New York police officers got a greeting from a squirrel Friday they likely won’t forget.

On Dec. 29, Brockport police responded to a report of a break-in by a squirrel who was allegedly munching away on some cookies.

Officers Tyler Dawson and Joshua Sime entered, and in body-camera footage posted on the department’s Facebook page, one officer is heard saying he would turn the radio down.

As one of the officers walked further into the kitchen, body cam footage shows a squirrel hopping onto the kitchen island, running along it before leaping at the officer, eliciting a “whoa” from one of the two men.

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Laughter can then be heard from the officers, who make their way back to the kitchen entrance where the squirrel had fled.

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But as they cross through the door frame, the squirrel comes back into the kitchen, hops back onto the kitchen island and back over to the oven, possibly to continue its snack.

According to police, the squirrel was eventually captured and released without injury.

“The homeowner was very relieved that their uninvited guest was set free,” police said in a Facebook post.

“Brockport Police will always go the extra mile to help their residents.”

And in this case, that includes facing a charging squirrel.

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