Police arrest alleged Seattle Costco thieves as they try to sneak out back door

Costco alleged shoplifters in Seattle caught sneaking out of back door by police
WATCH ABOVE: Two alleged shoplifters were caught by Seattle police as they waited outside the back door of a Costco on Wednesday, resulting in the two caught with merchandise in their hands.

Two alleged thieves have been arrested in Seattle outside the fire exit of a Costco after police responded to a call of a shoplift in progress.

The tip led to them waiting outside the back door emergency exits as two people came out while an alarm was going off, holding boxes filled with stolen computers and vacuum cleaners, valued at about US$2,200. The whole incident was caught on body camera.

Seattle police say they were called to the SoDo Costco on Wednesday afternoon at about 5:30 p.m. after loss-prevention officers at the store recognized one of the suspects inside. The officer said the man had previously stolen items before and ran through the fire exit.

The suspect had also reportedly carried a knife in past incidents.

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When police arrived at the store, they found a black Toyota parked right near the emergency doors, with a woman in the driver’s seat. Authorities then boxed in the vehicle by parking their patrol vehicle in front of the car.

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As officers interviewed the woman, police standing by the emergency exit could hear someone trying to open the doors.

“Just wait for him to come out,” an officer can be heard on camera saying. “He’s just going to run out with his laptop.”

Police then surround the door as the alarm can be heard.

“Come on,” another officer says, then points to the door on the right. “He’s coming this way here.”

A man and a woman then exit, holding multiple boxes, before the man then tries to run back inside, dropping the boxes. Police immediately run up to him and place him under arrest as another officer arrests the woman.

Costco’s loss-prevention staff told officers the same group of people also are suspected of stealing a similar amount of merchandise from a different Costco location.

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Seattle police say a seven-inch fixed blade was also found on the suspect.

The 30-year-old man has since been taken into custody for an investigation of robbery, while the 21-year-old woman who was holding the other boxes, and the 18-year-old alleged getaway driver were arrested for investigation of theft.

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