Bill Kelly: Ontario doesn’t need Doug Ford’s whimsical promises

New Ontario PC Party leader Doug Ford seems to be long on rhetoric and short on substance, Bill Kelly says. Global News File

After 14 years of a government that has been infected with its share of mismanagement and scandal, it’s pretty clear that Ontario voters want to see change. But is Doug Ford the answer?

The newly minted PC leader seems to be long on clichés and rhetoric and woefully short on substance in his attacks on the current government.

In a recent interview, Ford promised that he could cut government spending without massive layoffs or service reductions. Such a claim is an insult to the intelligence of Ontario voters. Any economist will tell you that the only way to cut government spending is by firing staff, eliminating programs or selling off government assets.

Click to play video: 'Doug Ford says he can’t wait to ‘turn this province around’' Doug Ford says he can’t wait to ‘turn this province around’
Doug Ford says he can’t wait to ‘turn this province around’ – Mar 12, 2018

WATCH ABOVE: Doug Ford says he can’t wait to ‘turn this province around’

Lowering taxes is always a juicy campaign promise, but how does he plan to do it?

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Will he eliminate the free tuition for post-secondary education? Or the pharmacare program? Or the minimum wage increase? Will he download some costs onto our municipal taxes, like Mike Harris did?

Fact is, we don’t know, and maybe Doug Ford doesn’t know.

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We’ve seen how our American friends were hoodwinked by a bombastic huckster who told them what they wanted to hear instead of what they needed to hear.

Ontario has challenges, but we don’t need whimsical promises. We need a leader with a plan to prosperity and, so far, Doug Ford doesn’t seem to get it.

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