Quebec beverage maker Geloso Group announces end of FCKD UP drink

Click to play video 'Quebec beverage maker Geloso Group announces end of FCKD UP drink' Quebec beverage maker Geloso Group announces end of FCKD UP drink
WATCH: The local manufacturer of a sugary alcoholic beverage has stopped production of the drink in the wake of the death of a high school student last week. But as Global's Phil Carpenter reports, some are saying more needs to be done to help protect kids from consuming similar products.

Geloso Group says it’s ceasing production of a sweetened alcoholic beverage and pulling the product from store shelves.

The Quebec beverage company says in a statement that it has ordered employees to stop producing FCKD UP immediately.

The decision comes after groups called for the government to better control the sale of alcoholic energy drinks following the death of 14-year-old Athena Gervais last week in Laval.

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Montreal’s La Presse reported that the teen had been drinking stolen cans of the sweetened alcoholic beverage prior to her death.

Laval police are still awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine the girl’s exact cause of death.

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The statement issued by the company on Sunday made no reference to the death.

Hubert Sacy of Éduc’alcool says not enough is being done to protect the public, particularly, kids.

“Health Canada, on their website, warn people, the same for Health Quebec, they warn people, it’s not a good idea, it’s dangerous to mix stimulants, sugar and alcohol and at the same time the product is allowed.”

But Quebec Youth Protection and public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois she says her government needs guidance and help from Ottawa to regulate the availability of these kinds of drinks.

I’m asking Sante Canada to revise their policy about making that possible in our stores and accessible for you people.  “I think they need to work on that.”

Now it remains to be seen what steps will be taken to further regulate similar drinks.