Winnipeg school budgets: What does your school superintendent make?

Click to play video 'Winnipeg school budgets: What does your school superintendent make?' Winnipeg school budgets: What does your school superintendent make?
WATCH: As Winnipeg school divisions prepare their budgets for the next school year, questions arise over administrator salaries. The heads of the six city divisions earn over $1.2 million per year, collectively. Global's Amber McGuckin reports.

As Winnipeg schools prepare their 2018/2019 budgets in the coming weeks, Global News has compiled a list of how much school superintendents are earning.

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2016 salary information was obtained from the six school divisions in Winnipeg.

  • Winnipeg School Division Superintendent and CEO Pauline Clarke – $268,910
  • Louis Riel School Division Superintendent of Schools Duane Brothers – $236,062
  • River East Transcona School Division Superintendent/CEO Kelly Barkman – $198,992
  • Pembina Trails School Division Superintendent Ted Fransen/CEO –  $195,768
  • Seven Oaks School Division’s Superintendent Brian O’Leary – $191,560
  • St. James-Assiniboia School Division Chief Superintendent Brett Lough – $186,188

To put those numbers in perspective, note the following enrolment and staff numbers reported on division websites:

  • Winnipeg School Division – 33,000 students; 5,400 employees
  • Louis Riel School Division – 14,940 students; 1,963 staff
  • River East School Division – 16,100 students; nearly 3,000 team members
  • Seven Oaks School Division – 11,524 students
  • St. James-Assiniboia School Division – 8,200 students
  • Pembina Trails School Division – 13,386 students; 1,859 staff

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Chris Broughton, Chair of Finance for the Winnipeg School Division Board of Trustees, said since their division is the largest in the province, the high salary is justified.

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“It’s a salary that’s appropriate for the executive position she holds. When you look at other executive positions within public agencies within Winnipeg and within Manitoba that is an appropriate salary,” he said.

Earlier in the month, Manitoba education minister Ian Wishart announced a 15 per cent reduction to existing administration cost caps, effective July 1.

School division administration costs, which include the superintendent’s salaries, have increased by $5.6 million — or nine per cent — in the past three years.

“It is imperative we reduce administrative costs while protecting front line services,” said Wishart.

Todd MacKay from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation said the high salaries are concerning.

“It really raises questions for taxpayers. They’re seeing their taxes go up consistently across the board with multiple levels of government and they want to know their dollars are used well. If someone is making a lot of money they’re going to want to see an explanation as to why and it’s hard to see that explanation jumping to mind,” he said.

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For comparison, Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman took home $183,565 in 2016 while Premier Brian Pallister earned about $170,000.

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School divisions need to present their financial plans to the city by March 15 so Winnipeg can update its property tax information, then have the numbers ready for the province come April.

Global News has reached out to each of the school divisions for further information on salaries paid to administrative staff.


Winnipeg School Division

Chief Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer: $268,910

Superintendent of Education Services – Curriculum and Learning Innovation: $180,200

Superintendent of Planning and System Services: $180,200

Superintendent of Education Services – Equity and Diversity, Inclusive Education: $156,595

Louis Riel School Division

Superintendent of Schools: $236,062

Asst. Superintendent: $172,779

Asst. Superintendent: $167,499

Asst. Superintendent: $166,343

Asst. Superintendent: $166,265

St. James-Assiniboia School Division

Chief Superintendent: $186,188

Asst. Superintendent: $158,810

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Asst. Superintendent: $154,882

River East Transcona School Division

Superintendent/CEO:  $198,992

Asst. Superintendent: $164,718

Asst. Superintendent: $163,665

Asst. Superintendent: $169,792

Asst. Superintendent: $164,330

Seven Oaks School Division

Superintendent: $191,560

Asst. Superintendent: $152,999

Asst. Superintendent: $149,504

Asst. Superintendent: $142,119

Pembina Trails School Division

Superintendent: $195,768

Asst. Superintendents (4): $160,627