Mobility Pricing Independent Commission launches phase 2 of public engagement

Click to play video: 'New details on possible Metro Vancouver mobility pricing for transit' New details on possible Metro Vancouver mobility pricing for transit
We have a better idea of how drivers in Metro Vancouver might be charged under the region's proposed mobility pricing model. Aaron McArthur has the details – Jan 17, 2018

TransLink’s Mobility Pricing Independent Commission has launched the second phase of its public engagement process for mobility pricing in Metro Vancouver.

The online engagement, which outlines several examples of how distance-based charges or congestion point charges could be introduced to combat traffic congestion in the region, will run from Feb. 26 to March 14.

LISTEN: Round two of the mobility pricing commission’s public-engagement process is underway

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The online engagement platform presents short videos, maps, and pros and cons of a series of examples including:

  • Maintaining, reducing or eliminating the fuel tax
  • Charging money based on distance driven
  • Charging money at certain congestion points.

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In the first phase more than 6,000 residents and stakeholders shared their ideas on congestion and principles such as fairness and affordability.

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