Mobility pricing will cost more than you think, warns Canadian Taxpayers Federation in B.C.

New details on possible Metro Vancouver mobility pricing for transit
We have a better idea of how drivers in Metro Vancouver might be charged under the region's proposed mobility pricing model. Aaron McArthur has the details.

The B.C. division of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has warned that mobility pricing could cost residents much more than they may think.

B.C. director Kris Sims warned that if Metro Vancouver residents start paying what other cities with mobility pricing are, life could become more expensive for them.

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“If you go into Stockholm during rush hour, morning and night, it costs about C$5.50 one way. If you add that up and you go into and out of work, that’s $11 a day, that’s more than $200 every single month,” Sims said.

And that doesn’t include insurance costs and gas taxes, she added.

An independent commission formed to address mobility pricing last fall released a preliminary report on Tuesday, outlining potential options.

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The report focused on two options: fixed tolling points or distance-based charges.

But Sims said neither option will help residents, especially when many of them are being forced to live on the outskirts of cities.

“They are moving far away because they literally can’t afford rent or a mortgage in Vancouver,” she said.

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