February 14, 2018 3:29 pm
Updated: February 14, 2018 6:41 pm

New Brunswick newlyweds open up their home to 12 ‘kids’

Wed, Feb 14: A couple from Grande Digue, N.B. is sharing their home with 7 baby and 5 adolescent goats. The herd uses the furniture as a jungle gym, loves cookies and to play with Tupperware. Global's Shelley Steeves reports.


When Charlie Brien married Mary Lloyd about a year and a half ago, she said she wanted kids, but not the kind one might expect

“My entire life I wanted goats. I wanted goats but it was just one of those unattainable things,” said Lloyd.

So, wanting to make his new bride’s dream come true, Charlie says he agreed to get his wife some goats.

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“I said, ‘well I have four acres. I can handle goats,” he said.

But the living arrangement that has develop was something he never imagined.

The couple now shares their home with seven newborns and five adolescent goats. They all live in their house for most of the day.

“They are like our dogs. They come in in the daytime and they have breakfast in the house and lunch in the house and afternoon snack,” said Lloyd.

Mary says the babies started sleeping in the barn at night just a few weeks ago.

But she says leaving them in the barn in the cold full-time would just be cruel.  Talk about your spoiled goats.

“We are called goat mom and goat dad by our friends,” said Brien, who has come to love them like his own.

But the two new “parents” are in need of a whole lot of patience.

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“They are just starting to get mischievous now and get into trouble,” said Lloyd.

The goats scurry around the house, hopping on and off of furniture.

“They treat all the furniture as a jungle gym. They love the stairs,” said Lloyd.

They also apparently like it when their mom bakes, which she says these these days, is a bit of a challenge.

“I put a tray of cookies up on the shelf and Danny goat grabs it and flipped it backwards and they all had a wonderful feed of cookies,” she said.

They are also fond of Tupperware, which they dig out of baskets in the kitchen and toss around the room on a regular basis.

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But don’t feel baaaaad for these two because they love every minute.

“Expect when you get dressed up to go to work and then suddenly Billy decides he is going to give you a hug and then he puts hoof prints on your shirt and you got to go and change,” said Brien.

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