Edmonton restaurant catering to ‘East-Coasters’ set to close its doors

Edmonton's Atlantic Trap And Gill restaurant is closing after 18 years. Global News

The Atlantic Trap and Gill has been a home away from home for thousands of Canadians from the East Coast who have come to Alberta to work in the oil industry. But a slowing economy has meant layoffs in Alberta’s oil sector, sending many of the restaurant’s patrons back home.

“We’ve been selling home to the East-Coasters who’ve had to come out here to work,” said Tanya Thorne, restaurant owner and manager. “A lot of the East Coasters have moved home or watch their wallets and that’s put a toll on us, along with the economy.”

The restaurant has been open for 18 years in Edmonton.

“People love our homemade goodness, our homemade food, of course, and we had lineups out to the sidewalk for many many years,” Thorne recalled. “It’s been a wonderful, wonderful place for people to come.”

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The restaurant featured seafood from the East Coast and a menu filled with popular dishes from the region.

“We’ve known for about a year that we’d have to close down,” Thorne said adding she has had to gradually lay off staff members and fill in herself on some shifts.

“We were waiting for something to happen but it never did,” she said.  “That’s why we’re closing down.”

Thorne plans to take a long vacation once she closes the restaurant. She’s not sure what’s next for her but says she’s not worried about what the future holds.

Atlantic Trap and Gill will host a big closeout party on March 29, with live entertainment and food.

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