City of Kingston raising parking fines for first time in more than 25 years

A man feeds an on-street parking meter on Ontario Street in Kingston, Ontario. Paul Soucy/CKWS TV

A review of the City of Kingston’s parking fees and fines back in 2016 has led to the first bump in the cost of parking tickets in more than 25 years.

“No one likes to get a parking ticket or to have to pay a parking fine,” said Ian Semple, the City of Kingston’s manager of service development.

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But knowing that hasn’t stopped the city from bringing up the cost of fines.

Those who fail to display a parking ticket at all will now face a fine of $25, with an early payment option of $20, which is up from $20 and $15 respectively. Drivers who let their parking slip expire will now face a fine of $20 with an early payment option of $15, up from $15 and $10 respectively.

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The fines are applicable to all city-owned lots and on-street parking areas.

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“When we look at these fines, we think about the way in which that high demand parking is being used. We want to ensure that all of those that need to use it,” Semple said.

“The fine is one way to ensure that people are complying the length of time that they need to stay and the payment they need to provide,” Semple added.

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