Stepping up: Turner Heating filling up empty oil tanks on the West Island

Click to play video: 'Clients unhappy with Ultramar turn to Pointe-Claire heating company'
Clients unhappy with Ultramar turn to Pointe-Claire heating company
WATCH: A Pointe-Claire heating company has been flooded with new customers who say they're fed up waiting for Ultramar to fill up their oil tanks. Global's Felicia Parrillo reports – Jan 9, 2018

Glenn Turner and his team have their hands full.

They are extremely busy and haven’t stopped for a break in the last few weeks.

“We’re picking up new accounts, I would say 10 a day are calling us on average, and we’re managing to get to them,” said Turner.

One of those new accounts is Pointe-Claire resident Janet Broxup.

Her oil tank has been nearing empty for the last few days, and Ultramar has yet to show up for her monthly delivery.

After multiple calls to them, she gave up.

On Tuesday morning, she called Turner Heating.

“I’m very disappointed in Ultramar,” said Broxup. “I think if they would have been honest with me and said, ‘Oh we have an issue, we can’t get to you for a week, or two days — but they stopped all communication.”

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Global News first reported on Ultramar’s heating oil delivery delays last Saturday.

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Multiple West Island residents spoke out about how the company had left them in the cold.

Now, some of those clients are tired of waiting and have moved on to other companies.

Pamela Brault is one such resident.

The former Ultramar client says on Dec. 28, she noticed she didn’t have much oil left in her tank, so she called for a refill.

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“I waited on hold quite some time, they did, however, promise delivery right away, but nobody came,” said Brault. “So we called again the next day, and every subsequent day, until last week when we stopped calling.”

After waiting for almost a week, she called Turner Heating.

“Turner answered on the first ring,” she said. “No wait time on hold, and they came within two hours to fill my tank.”

In a statement to Global News, Ultramar had blamed their heating oil delivery delays on the exceptional cold spell, difficult road conditions and regulatory limits on drivers work hours.

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As of Tuesday, the oil company said there are still delays, but their employees are doing everything possible to maximize deliveries.

They also said additional customer service operators have been brought in to reduce phone wait times.

“Had they been upfront and clear about what was going on, and had I perhaps called Turner for one fill, I may have stayed with Ultramar,” said Brault. “But they never actually acknowledged that there was anything wrong anytime I called, nor did they ever apologize for the wait time.”

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