Pamela Anderson gifts Kim Kardashian a fake fur coat for Christmas

Pamela Anderson used a festive approach to try and sway Kim Kardashian.
Pamela Anderson used a festive approach to try and sway Kim Kardashian. Keystone

Pamela Anderson continues her campaign for Kim Kardashian to go fur-free.

The Canadian-born Baywatch star is once again asking the social media trendsetter to abandon the use of products made from real animal fur.

Anderson, 50, used a festive approach to try and sway her fellow celebrity.

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The actress sent Kardashian a custom-made faux fur coat, along with a letter reading: “As we all ponder New Year’s resolutions, won’t you consider making a meaningful one to stop wearing fur? You’d be setting a trendy, compassionate example.”

“Kim, I know your young fans would admire you and your brand even more if you dropped fur,” the letter dated Nov. 28 continued.

Anderson capped her message with some holiday cheer. “I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!” she concluded.

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The hip-length coat was designed by Russian manufacturer Only Me Eco Fur, which carries a line by the British Columbia native.

Anderson is a dedicated PETA supporter who has lobbied for animal rights many times in the past.

You can read the letter in its entirety, courtesy of Page Six.

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